Booth Vendor Name Description
72,73 Lily Reyes Clothing and apparel for kids and adults.
5,6,16,17,4 Carolina Princess Dresses Dresses, Quinceañera Supplies, women shoes.
45 Monserrat Rivas Women and young ladies dresses, shoes and fashion accessories.
69,70 Gabriel Madrid Fashion accessories, shoes, watches, clothes and more.
30, 31 Sonya Ramirez  Name brand clothing, shoes, sunglasses, hats and more.
74,75,76 Tesoro Del Cielo Quinceañera Supplies, Men and women dress shoes, Christening Gowns, chambelan, First Communion Supplies.
53 Emma Hernandez  Work uniforms, pants, shirts, coveralls and more.
55,127 Gloria Alba Women and young ladies dresses, shoes and Tuxedo Rental and more.
81,102 Maria Reyes Clothing, Women’s undergarments, socks and more.
88 Miriam Mejia Body shapers, women’s clothing, and perfumes.
89 MAYTI FASHION Fashion Clothing for Women and Young ladies, evening gowns, dresses shirts and more.
105,101,106 Rosa Aburto Quinceañera Supplies, Christening Gowns, First Communion Supplies.
108,109 Veronica Martinez Women’s undergarments, shirts, and clothing.
118,117 Lorenzo Perez Used and new; name brand clothing and shoes.
50 Ruth Webb Custom made T-shirts
18,19 Allen’s Footwear Footwear for everyone and many different styles of quality shoes.
124,125 Colibri International Dresses, Seamstress, Tuxedo Rental, Shoes, Gowns and more.