2320 S. Brightleaf Blvd.
Smithfield, NC 27577

Hours of Operation

Saturday – Sunday
8:00am to 5:00pm

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Come by to see what our vendors have to offer:

C Carpets- carpet and floor coverings

Rosa Proa- Shoes and accessories

Moises Luviano- Wedding and Quincianera

Accessories Escalera- Auto Accesories

Felix"s Appliance- Used Appliances

Bob Ziccardi- Amusements

Delgado Jewelry- Jewelry

Juan Medel- Western Wear

Herman Bass- Groceries

D&J Furniture- Furniture and Housewares

Helen Williams- Misc Housewares and Vacation planning

Lilly- Sweet Breads and concessions

Leon Gonzalez- TV's and Electronics

Sonya Rameriz- Men and Womens Apparell

Javier Olguin- Traditional Mexican and handcraft items

Simon Romero- Misc items

Martha Fonseca- Wedding and Quincianera

Karen Allen- Yardsale

Juan Reta- Computer Repair

Mauricio Sanchez- Soccer supplies

Robert Diaz- Jewelry

Lily Reyes- Furniture and Accessories

Maria Solis- Cellphone and womens accessories

Linda Pulley- Hardware

Ruth Webb- Custom Graphics

Cathy Gross- Shoes

Christina Alvareze- Work Clothes and Music

Gloria Alba- Ladies clothing and portraits

Mario Romero- Everything

Susie Saunders- Avon

Bill McCullen- Army Surplus

Emilio Hernandez- Dollar Store

Gabriel Madrid- Ladies Accessories and cellphone repair

Jackie Angular- Westernwear

Alphonso Aldaba- Westerner and Tackshop

Mari Reyes- Lingerie

Juana Salas- Leather goods and accessories

Candelaria Angular- Floral

Stephanie Ochoa- Fragrances

Timothy Morris- Furniture

Aldolpho Senerro- Clothing

Margarito Salvador- Pinata's and party rentals

Ana Laura Gonzalez- T-Shirts

Margarita Rodriguez- Ladies Clothing

Doris Ventura-Soccer Supplies

Rosa Alberto- Blankets and Bridal

Veronica Marinez- Lingerie

Haywood Whitley- Cookware

Frank Howell- Vitamins and personal hygiene

Jermie Castillo- TV repair

Mark Stevens- Yardsale

J&W Cabinets- Cabinets

Steven Boyce- Funiture and accessories

Anthony Kelly- Furniture

Patria Cote- Bakery

B.G. Boone- Knives

Marcila Mattox- Bridal and Quincianera

Rickey Delaney- Yardsale

Johnny Futch- Concessions

Igancio Guzman- Ice Cream

Rick Meares- Hot Dogs

Amelio Trejo- Health Supplements

Valron Calcedo- Lingerie

Hundreds of outside vendors with everything

Food Vendors

  • Taqueria Jasmine Chicken & Ribs
  • Mexican Bread and Pastry
  • Tacos Don Luis
  • Daniel's Tacos
  • Antojitos Playa Azul
  • Taco's Delicias
  • El Taconazo